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There are numerous fancy diamond cuts that are engineered to enhance the appeal of diamonds. In addition, fancy diamond cuts can tackle the rough diamond wastage, which is common in the cutting process of the conventional round diamonds. Out of the most popular diamond cuts, one of the perfect options that is neither too sparkling as the round brilliant cut nor too trendy and stylish as marquise and pear diamond cut is the cushion diamond cut.

Cushion cut diamonds are mainly characterized by their 58 facets and curved corners. In fact, the curved corners of cushion diamonds will create an illusion of sparkling pillows. Hence, it got the names cushion cut and pillow cut. Usually, most buyers may find something mysteriously attractive and extremely peculiar about cushion cut diamond engagement rings when compared to other options. This irresistible unresolved mysterious appeal itself is one of the main highlights of cushion cut gemstones.

However, you may have many doubts when it comes to the purchase of cushion cut engagement rings. After all, a good amount of your savings will be at stake. Ideally, you may wonder whether or not this is the right choice for you, does it offers an ideal sparkle, can you own it without breaking your bank, etc. In order to clear all such doubts, below is a helpful guide to cushion cut diamonds. You can refer to this so as to excel in your diamond ring purchase.

The Best Cushion Cut Facet Proportions

While cutting a diamond, the cutters will take into account two objectives; to reduce the rough diamond wastage and to maximize the light performance of the same. When it comes to cushion cut diamonds, the optimal cushion cut proportions include the facet depth percentage ranging between 67 and 70 and the table percentage ranging between 59 and 63. In addition, the non-crushed ice style is preferred to exhibit optimal sparkle.

Furthermore, cushion cut diamonds are usually crafted in the square shape. However, you can rarely find rectangular cushion cut stones as well. This is determined on the basis of the Length to Width Ratio of the cushion cut diamonds. For standard square cushion cut diamonds, the LTW ratio must be less than 1.05. If you adore rectangular cushion cut gemstones, go for diamonds with LTW ratio bigger than 1.1.

Cushion Cut Diamond Styles

The main factor that may attract an average diamond ring buyer towards it will be its visual appeal. It is to be noted that cushion cut diamonds can be cut into numerous styles apart from the standard one, unlike other fancy diamond cuts. Nevertheless, it is not necessary that every cushion cut diamond will look equally appealing to you. You may refer to the details given below in order to figure out the right cushion cut diamond style for you.

Cushion Modified

Cushion modified or the crushed ice cushion diamonds is the most inexpensive option in cushion cut diamonds. Note that this diamond style is engineered in order to enhance the carat size of a cushion cut diamond rather than its light performance. Hence, professionals usually recommend diamond buyers to opt out of this style. In this style, you can notice a significant light leakage under the table and the inability of the diamond to reflect the light well. This will, in turn, make such diamonds look like watery ice or crushed ice. Hence, it got the name crushed ice cushion diamond.

Cushion Modified Hybrid

Cushion modified hybrid cut is mainly characterized by the presence of four pavilion facets at its surface that create the appeal of a cross. As a result of the broader facets employed in this style, the light leakage will be less when compared to the cushion modified cut. Hence, it exhibits a decent light performance. When it comes to the price range, cushion modified hybrid cut diamonds are moderately priced.

Cushion Brilliant

As the name indicates, cushion brilliant style will be ideal for all the couples who are looking for elegant cushion cut diamond engagement rings. The main attraction of cushion brilliant cut style is the presence of larger facets to enhance its light performance. Needless to say, cushion brilliant diamonds will be more expensive when compared to cushion hybrid cut. However, you can achieve almost the same result with an ideal cushion modified hybrid cut as well.

Heart and Arrows Cushion

This is the perfect option for all the couples who adore round brilliant diamond rings since the facet arrangement of heart and arrow diamond offers almost the same appeal of round brilliants. Actually, this diamond cut is crafted to emphasize the brightness and contrast of the cushion cut diamonds to the fullest. Hence, heart and arrows cushion cut diamond style is really expensive.

Old Mine Brilliant

Old mine brilliant cushion cut diamond style feature big chunky facets and relatively higher crown height. As a result, this type of cushion diamond cut exhibits the broadest and widest flashes of light making it unique from clich├ęd round brilliant and princess cut stones. Unsurprisingly, old mine brilliant cushion cut diamonds are the most expensive ones.

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