Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cheap Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cheap Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

While choosing engagement rings, most people are interested in giving a unique tweak to it. A lot of studies show that people are even interested in flaunting dinosaur bone engagement rings. Though this sounds weird, these can be great picks for people who are into prehistoric times. Listed below are some options that can be considered if you are someone who cannot compromise the uniqueness and style of engagement rings.

Crown Engagement Rings

If you are someone who loves things that are glittery and believes in the idea of Prince Charming who comes to rescue his princess, crowd engagement rings can be the perfect choice for you. The band in this is mostly designed to bring the appearance of the crown, and it is mostly encrusted with princess cut diamonds and other gemstones. This design stands out among all the other traditional designs of engagement rings.

Sound Wave Diamond Rings

These are regarded as perfect choices for couples who are very romantic, who say romantic quotes to each other. The images of actual sound waves of quotes would be engraved in the metal band of this design. You can also encrust trillion cut loose diamonds at the center of sound waverings and also engrave actual phrases on the inner band.

Traveler’s Engagement Bands

If you are someone with strong wanderlust and love to explore the world with your partner, then these bands can be the right choice for you just like the name says. In traveler’s engagement bands, each of the rings will be having an engraving of small gemstones and unique designs. These are very different from cheap cushion cut engagement rings because of this reason. The rings, when kept together, would form a small world map that reflects your dream of traveling.

Harry Potter Diamond Ring

As it is very difficult to find a millennial who does not love the Harry Potter series, this option can be one among the best. An antique metal band made of gold would be encrusted using red-colored loose princess cut diamonds that mimics the sorcerer’s stone. With this design, you would also have the chance of engraving your most favorite spells on both of your rings’ inner bands. In addition to this, you will have the chance of crafting some embellishments on your hand that tries to incorporate the small versions of house symbols, snitch and dragon balls, when you are a diehard fan of the Harry Potter series.

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