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Engagement Ring Shopping
Engagement Ring Shopping

Buying an engagement ring is not a cakewalk, at least for some men. You have various factors to consider including the cut, quality, color, price, and more. You will have to do some research to buy the perfect engagement ring that your woman will love. Here are some tips that will help you with engagement ring shopping.

Set The Budget 

There is no rule that you should spend a major part of your savings to buy an engagement ring. If you have heard something like that, it might probably be the opinions coming from diamond dealers and merchants. Setting a budget and making a purchase that falls within it is always better than making buying choices that could put you under financial stress.

Give Enough Importance To The Brilliance Of The Diamond 

The diamond’s sparkle or brilliance is one of its most catchy features. The cut of the diamond decides its level of brilliance. We recommend you to invest more on cut quality more than you do on any other feature because the cut contributes the most to the aesthetic appeal of the diamond. Avoid shallow-cut diamonds because the light hits the pavilion at low angles and leaves the stone through its sides. All of this compromises the diamond’s brilliance. Also, avoid diamonds that are cut too deep because the sharp angle of reflection leads to the reduced radiance of the diamond.

Have A Clear Idea About The Setting 

You have many choices when it comes to the ring setting. If your fiancée leads an active lifestyle, you could probably choose a bezel setting because it secures the stone from all sides and gives little chance for the stone to fall off. Other choices in ring settings include prong, hazel, and more.

Do Not Go Wrong With Metal Selection 

Platinum, gold, rose gold, and white gold is popular choices for ring metal. When you are choosing one for your partner, make sure it matches her style. If she is a fan of silver jewelry, you can choose white gold or platinum. If you are on a budget and have to choose between white gold and platinum, we recommend you to choose white gold, as it is cheaper than platinum. Besides, its maintenance costs are less than that of platinum.

A lot of suggestions can confuse you when you go to buy diamond engagement ring. Doing some homework can help you a lot in the selection process.

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