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The standards required for emerald diamonds are different. Like with any other stone, it all comes down to your personal preference. However, there are a few things you may consider and implement when you are looking to buy the best emerald cut diamond instead of cushion cut engagement rings. Below is a discussion on tips that will help you pick the best emerald-cut diamonds.

Dimensions And the 4 Cs

Length, Width & Depth

Choose your optimal length-to-width proportion. Naturally, this proportion is found by dividing the stone’s length by its width. Based on the LxW proportion, an emerald precious stone could be a long, flimsy rectangle shape or a nearly square shape.

Gemologists suggest that the best proportion for emerald slice precious stones is 1.45 to 1.55. Some people lean toward longer, more slender cuts (close to 1.6), while some incline toward the shorter, squarer cuts (about 1.3).

The jewel’s overall depth percentage will likewise influence the amount of light it reflects. It is recommended that a depth percentage level of 60% to 70% of the stone’s width is the most splendor.

Clarity Grade

Emerald cut jewels don’t disguise blemishes due to their long, open facets. Therefore, clarity (or absence of incorporations) is significant. It is recommended to get an eye-clean VVS1 clearness grade or higher diamond.

Cut Grade

The expression “diamond cut grade” represents the nature of a gemstone’s proportions and symmetry. While the GIA and the AGS do not allocate evaluations to emerald shaped stones, they do provide symmetry and polish grades. Numerous diamond dealers utilize clean, evenness and extents to find out an emerald molded jewel’s cut evaluation. Since these components are great markers of shimmer without a genuine cut evaluation. Go for an emerald cut precious stone with excellent clean and excellent balance grades for the most shimmer.

Color Grade

In diamonds, “best” color grade for emerald cut stones (or any jewel). Reviewing labs (and retailers) will generally place colorless at the highest standard. Make sure that the shading grade you pick should be what you find interesting. Numerous clients have come to like the warmer hues (and lower rates) of a G or H diamond over the colorless D, E or F diamond.

Carat Weight

The expense of an emerald diamond can fluctuate a considerable amount starting with one-carat weight then onto the next. Concentrate on finding a precious stone with the correct proportions, balance and clean inside the carat range you want.

Keep the above tips in mind as you look to purchase an emerald cut diamond.

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