Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you seeking a modified version of cushion cut diamond engagement rings? If yes, look for a ring set with the so-called ‘Ashoka cut’ diamond. The name alludes to King Ashoka, an emperor from India’s Mauryan dynasty. The stone’s relation to the elite does not stop at that allusion as elite class people wear rings set with it. One of those elite Ashoka diamond wearers is actor Reese Witherspoon. Read further to know more about the gemstone.

The Cut Diamond’s History

The gemstone has an extremely long history, which makes it more fascinating. The first-ever diamond entitled Ashoka was found in the 3rd century BC; it weighed 41.37 carats and is named after the Indian king. Ashoka Maurya found tranquillity the only possible way to achieve the path to human enlightenment, and this diamond is thought to drive away sorrow.

The modern Ashoka cut stone is less common as compared to conventional diamond options. The stone is hard to come by as it takes a big raw diamond to be cut into this shape. According to diamond jewelry experts, the minimum rough diamond weight required for it is 3 carats. Only a small portion of all raw diamonds mined yearly can be cut into the Ashoka shapes.

What To Consider When Buying It

When seeking a perfect diamond for an engagement ring or any other jewelry piece, consider the stone’s color, carat weight, clarity and cut. These characteristics of the stone are collectively referred to as the 4C’s. Whether you are seeking a diamond with this or any other cut, you should prioritize its cut. A jeweler may show some Ashoka cut stones that fall in your budget, but be sure to seek the one that grabs your attention. This is because every single diamond has a unique set of characteristics.

The Ashoka stone is created to be the main focus of attention on its jewelry piece. Therefore, you should consider choosing the piece set with it in the form of solitaire. For the uninitiated, the term ‘solitaire’ refers to a single diamond or gemstone set in a piece of jewelry.

How To Maintain It

An Ashoka diamond may be rare, but this does not mean that you should maintain it in a different way from the other stones. We would recommend soaking the stone in mild dish soap and water solution before gently scrubbing it, to clean it. We would also recommend having a jeweler inspect your prong-set Ashoka diamond ring yearly, to ensure that its claws are intact.

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