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Engagement rings with white or colorless center diamonds are a classic choice for many brides-to-be. The bigger the diamond, the more the sparkle. The center diamond can be set as solitaires or can be adorned with smaller diamonds or other colored gemstones. The engagement rings featuring colorless diamonds are usually set in platinum or white gold to enhance their beauty. For example, a 1 carat diamond white gold engagement ring will have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance when compared to a 1 carat diamond rose gold engagement ring or a 1 carat diamond yellow gold engagement ring.

The Choices In Solitaires

The center stone of a beautiful engagement ring can be of any shape. Though a brilliant round diamond is the most popular choice, other beautiful shapes such as pear, heart, oval and square are also great choices for solitaires. The carat weight and cut are also factors that contribute to the appearance of the solitaires. For example, a 2 or 3 carat diamond in any shape will have more sparkle than a one carat stone in the same shape.

Similarly, the brilliant cut is bound to make the stone shine much brighter than other cuts like the emerald or baguette with a lesser number of facets. More facets give more space for the light to be processed, adding to the shine. Colorless stones set in platinum or white gold will have the advantage of the white light by the stone not being affected by other colors like yellow or rose gold. Those who wish to have their stones set in a more conventional design featuring yellow gold or rose gold have the option of keeping the prongs white to avoid tints affecting the shine of the diamond.

The Side Stone Settings

Engagement rings featuring side stones in addition to the big center stone are also a preferred design nowadays. The side stones can be smaller colorless diamonds of the same shape as the center stone or other colored diamonds or gemstones in a halo or pave setting. Some choose to go with side stones that are shaped differently from the center stone. For example, a round center stone with small baguette diamonds placed tastefully in the ring makes for a great combination of modern and contemporary elements.

Engagement rings come in different designs featuring stones of varying colors and shapes. The design possibilities are endless and can cater to the tastes of all kinds of diamond lovers.

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