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Cushion cut diamonds are becoming more and more popular nowadays because of its elegance. A cushion cut diamond has almost same brilliance as a round cut diamond, but are available at a cheaper price. This makes a cushion cut diamond more desirable than any other diamonds.

However, cushion cut diamonds can be confusing as there are different variants to a cushion cut. There are certain terms that you should understand before looking for cushion cut engagement rings. When searching for a cushion cut diamond, the terms you will most probably hear are classic cushion cuts, modified cushions, crushed ice, chunky cushions, square cushions and rectangular cushions. To avoid confusion while purchasing, you should be familiar with this terms in advance. Following are some information that will help you to understand more about these terms.

Standard and Modified Cushions

A standard cushion cut will have faceting arrangements similar to round cut diamonds. For such diamonds the facets will extend from the diamond center towards the outer edge or girdle, which resembles a star.

Modified cushions are a variation of the standard cushions. They have an extra row of facets just below the outer edge which is similar to a flower shape. Such diamonds have spectacular sparkle and cost less than a standard cushion cut, as these particular cut has less demand and the cutters will be able to save more weight when cutting a rough stone to form a modified cushion diamond.

Chunky Cushions

A chunky cushion cut diamond will let you see light reflections in broad flashes and the black facets when you look through it.

Crushed-ice Cushions

They are diamonds which resembles a broken glass or crushed ice. The back facets will not be visible for this diamond, but the glittering effect of many tiny reflections will be visible through such diamonds.

A normal cushion cut diamond will have a square shape with rounded corners. It resembles a pillow and hence got its name. Some cushion cuts will have an elongated shape which makes it look like a rectangle, hence known as rectangle cushions. All of these are variants of the traditional cushion cut diamonds.

When you look for cushion cut engagement rings, you will come across some terms as mentioned which are specific to cushion cut diamonds. To select the best diamond you should be familiar with terms to an extent. Some of the common terms associated with such diamonds are explained above. Cushion diamonds are more affordable than round cuts and hence you will get cheap cushion cut engagement rings which fits your budget.

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