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When it comes to diamond engagement rings for men, people usually tend to consider the bright metal choices such as platinum, white gold, silver, etc., or the unique options such as tungsten, titanium, black gold, etc. This is mainly to symbolize their active lifestyle and masculine nature. One of the main metals that are often neglected while designing diamond rings for men is rose gold. After all, this warm color is often associated with women and feminine nature.

Rose Gold Diamond Rings

Do you know that rose gold diamond rings are perfect to flatter the finger type of men? This rich metal choice that boasts a rich history marked its beginning during the Victorian era. Unfortunately, it went out of vogue by the middle of the 20th century and hence, is struck down from the list of classic choices. However, rose gold rings made a huge come back recently and are coveted for their charm of vintage fashion and elegance. At the same time, this resurgence made rose gold diamond rings a fashionable alternative to classic diamond rings.

An Ideal Choice for Men

Rose gold diamond rings are regarded as a suitable choice for men because of its durability, uniqueness, and purity. The rose gold is made by mixing copper with pure gold and the former metal is responsible for the warm pink hue and durability of the metal. It is worth noting that even though rose gold features a softer tone, it is more durable than its white and yellow gold counterparts. Another major reason for the popularity of rose gold wedding bands for men is its ability to withstand wear and tear. Two of the magnificent rose gold wedding band designs are given below.

Rose Gold Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Rose gold cushion cut engagement rings are ideal for a man who loves to keep it subtle and low-key. Note that a cushion cut diamond is designed in a way to sparkle the best under candlelight rather than daylight. So, it will offer a subtle yet captivating sparkle as you move your hands. In case you admire vintage or sophisticated designs that offer immense bling and head-turning appeal, go for a double halo cushion cut engagement ring.

Hammered Rose Gold Wedding Band for Men

This is the perfect choice for all the millennial grooms out there. In this design, a flat rose gold wedding band is enhanced with modern hammered finish. To add to its overall bling, tiny diamonds are hammered randomly on the band. Furthermore, the comfort fit band is highlighted using rope edging. Since there are no prongs or metal protrusions in this design, it is ideal to complement the active lifestyle of the wearer.

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