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Have you heard about rose gold engagement rings? How it differs? What are its pros and cons? Rose gold engagement ring is a new trend in the jewelry world. It is a variation of the much available gold engagement ring. As we all know pure gold of 24 karats is very soft, it cannot be used for making jewelry pieces. Therefore, we mix certain metal alloys with it to make it harder. These metal alloys offer different colors variation to the gold. The most popular color variations of gold are yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Rose gold is a combination of gold and copper alloy. The degree of reddishness of rose gold is directly proportional to the amount of copper present in it. More the copper, redder will be the ring. Like any other gold engagement ring, rose gold engagement rings also have pros and cons. Let’s have a detailed look at these points.

Pros of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

  • Since the copper alloy is used in the manufacture of rose gold, it is more durable than yellow and white gold engagement rings. They are less likely to scratch and chip.
  • Rose gold engagement rings are surprisingly affordable. If you are looking for an engagement ring that falls within your budget, rose gold will be a great choice.
  • The attractive reason for choosing a rose gold engagement ring is their romantic appeal. Rose gold engagement ring crafted in a vintage model gives a traditional romantic look too.
  • Some brides suit cooler tones whereas some other suit warmer tones. But rose gold engagement rings suits every bride irrespective of their skin tones.
  • Rose gold engagement rings are very easy to maintain. Like white gold, you don’t need to dip rose gold engagement rings in any liquid for maintaining its shine.

Cons of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

  • If you are allergic to copper, rose gold engagement ring will be a bad choice for you. Since rose gold contains copper, it may lead to skin irritations and rashes.
  • Rose gold engagement rings are not widely available like the yellow and white gold engagement rings. So if you want to have the best collections of rose gold engagement ring, you must go for online shopping.
  • As time flies, copper may get oxidized and lead to color change of rose gold. Thus your perfect pink may change to a darker color and may look unattractive.

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