Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Made to shine bright and sparkle in the candlelight, the cushion cut engagement rings were highly popular in the 20s. Brides were die-hard followers of the gold cushion cut engagement rings back then. Although it was made to take a back seat by the then-latest round cut diamond engagement rings, presently cushion cuts are back in the limelight it always deserved.

These are simply timeless and elegance personified. Here are a few tips to look into while buying the best cushion cut engagement rings for your brides.

Top settings and styles

Being a versatile cut has its perks. Cushion cuts can be paired with several beautiful styles and settings. Its old-world charm makes it perfect for the vintage designs. That said, its elegance can be suited for modern designs as well.

Opt for the prong setting if you want light performance and visibility. 4 prongs or 6, it doesn’t matter. If you think your bride will love flashy yet brilliant, halo setting is your new bestie. Accentuate the bright and sparkling center rock with tiny diamonds encircling it.

Top Shape Options

Two best-suited diamond shapes are rectangular and square. Go for the beveled edges. Let me tell you something interesting now, this is called a pillow cut because of its looks.

Choose Between These Two

There are two cut categories mainly, and they are – standard or modified. The standard cut is the original and timeless faceting pattern and modern is the latest model of diamond cuts. Trust me on this, when your bride is going to be wearing this ring, you will notice no big difference.

Crushed Ice Or Chunky

Let us talk about the chunky cut. These highly desirable and have defined and large facets. These are similar to the epic round brilliant diamonds when held face up. These are sometimes even called antique cushion cuts. On the other hand, crushed ice cushion cut diamonds do not have a specific facet design. These are similar to the radiant cuts. When you look at it, you will feel like you are looking at crushed ice, and hence the name.

Avoid Bad Cuts

You can avoid diamonds that are badly cut by carefully observing their edges. Badly cut diamonds will be ill-proportioned and they will most importantly lack sparkle.

What is your top pick going to be? An antique cushion cut diamond engagement ring or will your bride love the modern cuts?

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