Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Are you planning to buy a new set of diamond ornaments? Is your inexperience in handling a diamond making you worried whether you will end up buying something fake? It is not uncommon to find fake diamonds and other stones especially since they can be made artificially. Do you know how to avoid fake stones? This article is for those who are looking for means to separate the real diamonds from the fake ones. This guide contains a few tests that can be conducted at home to help detect counterfeit diamonds.

Water Test

This is a very simple test. All you have to do is drop the diamond into a glass filled ¾th with water. Since the density of diamonds is always higher than that of water, original diamond sinks in water.

Heat Test

You will need a heat resistant glove to do this test. For the heat test, take a glass with cold water. Hold the diamond over a lighter flame for 40 seconds and drop it into the glass immediately. A fake stone made of low-quality components will shatter,r as authentic diamonds are resistant to heat and therefore will not show any change.

Fog Test

Take the diamond between your fingers and blow on it. Fog will be created on the surface of the diamond due to your warm breath, and if it disappears quickly, the diamond is real. Authentic diamonds are good conductors of heat and will pass the heat very quickly.

How To Test Whether The Diamond On Your Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Is Real?

Checking the authenticity of a diamond in a ring is very different from the above. Usually, real diamond rings will come with a band, mount, and setting which is expensive. For example, engagement rings are made of expensive premium quality metals like rose gold, 18K gold, platinum, silver, and others with a beautiful setting.

You can also look at the insides of the ring for marking which guarantees the quality of the ring along with the diamond. 18K and 22K convey that the gold used is 18K or 22K respectively. The marking Plat or PT shows that the metal is platinum.

You can check whether the diamond in your cushion cut diamond engagement is real by checking the marking. In fact, all types of rings have this marking making it easy to determine its genuineness.

However, if you are not certain about the quality of the diamond, you should definitely take it to a diamond expert.

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