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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Diamond
Cushion Cut Diamond

Diamond is a beautiful piece of stone that is used for making expensive jewelry. Even if it is a dream of many people to buy diamonds, only a few can afford its price. It was used in earlier times by rich people to show their power and status. But now, the situation is different. Some people have invented the process of making diamonds artificially and it can help people who cannot afford to buy natural diamonds to fulfill their diamond dreams. You can also buy elegant natural diamonds at a lesser price. A few methods to follow while purchasing a diamond to get more value at less cost are as follows.

Buy Diamonds By The Weight

The weight is one of the factors that determine the price of a diamond. But if you are brilliant, you can use the same factor to get good quality diamonds at a lower price. For example, the price of a 0.95 carat round diamond will be almost half of a round diamond with 1-carat weight. A small difference in the weight of the diamond will not show much on its size. Therefore, if you are ready to compromise on the weight of a diamond, you will get a better diamond at a lower price.

Check The Color Grade

The color grade of a diamond is used to denote how colorless the stone is. Grade D is the highest among the grading and Z is the lowest. In a colorless diamond, if you go to lower grades, a yellowish tint will become visible on the stone. It will reduce the beauty of a diamond. But if you are buying a diamond with F or G grade, no one will be able to differentiate its D grade with naked eyes. Going down on the color grade will also help in reducing the price of the stone.

Choose An Alternative Design

There are so many different cuts available in diamonds. Some of them are very complex and some are simple. The price of the diamond is not only determined by the complexity of the design but also by considering its popularity and demand. For example, the price of a round cut diamond is very high compared to a cushion cut diamond of the same size and weight. Therefore, while purchasing diamond jewelry, make sure not to choose designs with high demand.

The above mentioned are some of the tips that can be used for buying beautiful diamonds at a lower price.

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