Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

In the last few years cushion cut diamond engagement rings have become popular. This is due to their elegance, beauty, and as they are cheaper than round cut diamond engagement rings of the same carat weight. Also, the cushion cut is one of the oldest cuts, and its roots can be traced back to the Old Mine cut dating back to the 1700s. However, its major drawback is that it is good at retaining color. The purpose of this article is to give you tips for buying a cushion cut engagement ring.

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

A cushion cut can be defined as an amalgamation of the modern round brilliant and classic old mine cut. This gives it a squarish shape with curved edges, and sometimes it is even rectangular. Even though cushion cut diamond engagement rings are cheaper than round cut ones, their popularity and increasing demand can create huge variations in their price. Usually, this depends on the cut quality as it affects the appearance of the stone.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings?


  • They are durable because of the curved or rounded edges of the stone.
  • Has good brilliance and fire.
  • A combination of modern flair with a classic look.
  • Suitable for personalized engagement rings because of the unique shape of the stone.
  • Cheaper than a round cut diamond engagement ring of the same carat weight.
  • It is popular.


  • It retains color better than other shapes, and this is the reason there are so many of them in colored diamonds. So, it is better to buy cushion cut diamond engagement rings with a color grade better than H.
  • It has an open table, and this makes imperfections easily visible.
  • It is referred to by different terms like a modified cushion, chunky cushion, and classic cushion, and this can be confusing to the buyer.

What Are The Best Styles And Settings For Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings?

  • The pave halo is the best style because of its classic look with an extra modern flair.
  • The channel set style looks sleek and modern.
  • The pave ring is beautiful and elegant.
  • The solitaire ring is simple and has timeless appeal.
  • The vintage-style ring is unique because it can be customized.
  • The tension setting would be the least preferred one because the stone is bulky, and it is a delicate design.

When buying cushion cut diamond engagement rings or any diamond engagement ring, buy those that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS).

Keeping these points in mind will help you to purchase good quality cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

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