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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
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Valentines Day Engagement Rings

The biggest night in the world of fashion is the Academy Awards. The iconic dresses would be complete only with some more sparkle. Celebrities wear jewelry worth from $200,000to $1 million to award functions, and they pay nothing for it. For shoppers who browse through a jewelry website like RockHer, this may seem too-good-to-be-true.

Jewelers loan these glitzy pieces of jewelry to celebrities expecting publicity in return for the favor. However, lending jewelry pieces does not ensure that these reach the red carpet. Celebrity stylists collect some different looks per client for each gown before settling on the ensemble that is the most worthy of a red carpet appearance.

The pieces should be given back to their jeweler after the program, so the whole operation is highly secure.

Every diamond is protected from when stylists go to the suite of celebrities to when they are dropping celebs to hotels or houses in armoured trucks.

During a big event, the piece of jewelry might just fall from some celebrities’ finger, and it might remain unnoticed for a while. In the meantime, there is no guarantee that you will get back the fallen item from amid the crowd of people who attend that event.

Several individuals cut the cable cord, and they might not see the show to discover who is wearing what item. To be certain that individuals see their pieces, some brands reportedly pay A-list celebs to promote them on social networking websites.

The industry was not always like this, though. Stars such as Joan Collins and Elizabeth Taylor used to purchase and take their jewelry to award shows.

So Do All Stars Wear Jewelry to Awards?

However, some celebrities do not show off jewelry at these events just for the paparazzi to photograph. They may have had a poor experience before and chose to not be over the top in terms of jewelry looks in public. For instance, Kim Kardashian wore just a simple piece of jewelry after robbers took away many of her precious items. This had a negative impact on Kim, and thus, she chose not to wear ostentatious jewelry to such events.

In 2018, Kim even promised to stop displaying diamond on social networking websites. Kardashian is a good example of how a jewelry theft could change the whole outlook of a celebrity regarding what to wear regularly and publicly and what not to.

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