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When buying an engagement ring, most people would think about the characteristics of the diamond they want in their ring including its cut, color, carat weight etc. But people seldom think about the ring setting they want, even though it is an important factor that has a significant impact on the appeal of the ring.

High setting and low setting

Ring settings are generally classified into high profile ring settings and low profile ring settings. Both of these settings have their own benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, through this article, we give you a better understanding of these settings to help you to decide which is ideal for your engagement ring.

High profile ring setting

In this setting, the stone will be mounted high enhancing it more. This will help your diamond to standout more and thereby increasing the brilliance and sparkle. But as the stone is placed high, the chance for it to get damaged is also more. Your diamond can get scratched easily, and the chance for your stone to snag on your clothes or on other surfaces is more.

Low profile ring setting

The stone will stay almost flush with the metal in this setting. This is especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle or those who work a lot with their hands. However, it may not enhance your diamond like a high setting ring.

Best high setting diamond rings

Following are some popular high setting ring designs that you can give a try if you are a fan of high profile ring setting.

Classic six-prong solitaire ring

This is ideal for people who love simple yet elegant designs. Here, there will be a big center stone mounted on a plain band. Cushion cut solitaire engagement rings are one of the popular designs among them.

Luminous six-prong solitaire ring

This is similar to the above-mentioned setting, but it will have more brilliance when compared to the former. The prongs used here will provide a small window for more light to enter the stone, thereby enhancing the brilliance and sparkle.

Best low setting diamond rings

Here are some spectacular low profile rings setting that you can try:

Twisting vine diamond ring

It provides a simplistic look with added sparkle. In this setting, the stones will be wound tightly in a crisscrossing pattern that reaches up to the center stone.

Split shank trellis ring

This ring will have split shanks that will join at the center. There will be a center stone placed in the middle, and small accent stones will be set on the shanks. Split shank cushion cut engagement rings are a good choice in this setting.

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