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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Diamond Cut Quality

With the advancements in technology, the methods used for diamond cutting have also evolved. Now it is possible to achieve good diamond cut quality with high precision and accuracy. The advent of machinery for diamond cutting made this process more efficient and easy. Now, it is possible to create sparkling and brilliant diamonds from rough stones in any desired shape and size.

How Technology is Used?

The rough stones mined from earth will not have any specific shape and seldom exhibits brilliance and sparkle. These stones should be then cut and polished into different shapes for fitting them in pieces of jewelry.

Diamond cutting is a complicated process and needs high expertise and craftsmanship. Only a few jewelers are available in the whole world who can actually cut the diamonds with all the desired qualities. Hence, it became necessary to develop technologies for cutting diamonds with high precision and with all the necessary features.

The development of diamond cutting technology made it possible to cut diamonds easily with accurate measurements and great brilliance, sparkle and all such characteristics.

Diamond Cutting Process

The first step involved in the diamond cutting process is the cleaving of the diamond with a laser or steel blade or by sawing it. A cement mold or wax will be used to hold the diamond during this process and it will be cleaved across its weakest point which is the tetrahedral plane. Sawing is used in a situation when there are no weak points for the stone.

The technology for cutting diamonds evolved over the years and this helped to transform the look of diamonds from plane rough stones to vibrant and brilliant ones. Facets were introduced which provided more sparkle and shine for diamonds and it also led to the introduction of complex cuts and shapes in diamonds.

After the cleaving, the diamonds are then girdled for giving them a specific shape. After this, they are polished and the final inspection is done.

Final Product

Once the cutting and polishing processes are finished, now the diamonds are ready to grade and trade. In the grading process, the diamonds are closely inspected to find out the quality of factors like cut, color, clarity and carat. They are then provided a specific grade based on all these features including diamond cut rating, the weight of the diamond, level of inclusions, etc. The diamonds with the highest grades will have more value, hence, they will be more costly. After the grading process, the diamonds will reach wholesalers and then retailers and finally to the end customers.

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