Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

When you look for an engagement ring, one of the first things that you have to do is determine the diamond cut that you want. Since there are numerous cuts available, it can be very difficult for you to find the right one. However, emerald cut and cushion cut diamond engagement rings are quite popular among couples these days.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are square cut diamonds with rounded sides. It has a pillowy shape that might be slightly rectangular at times. It has straight edges but rounded corners. Cushion cuts were first introduced around 200 years ago, and they were the conventional diamond form known as the old mine cut until technology advanced the process of generating round brilliant cuts.

A cushion cut does not require a particular form, table, or depth %, allowing for a wide range of shapes with distinct aesthetics. As a different cut from other prominent cuts like round, princess, or oval, they’re frequently purchased as engagement rings. They’re also frequently used as the central diamond in halo settings. A recent trend is showing that cushion cut engagement rings are very popular among couples these days.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut has a long, rectangular shape, which is one of its main characteristics. The linear facets of the emerald cut run straight across the table of the diamond. This ensures a larger surface area for emerald cut diamonds than other diamond cuts. Another distinguishing characteristic is its diagonally formed corners with polished edges. Emerald cuts, which are less expensive than round engagement ring diamonds, are another option.

When compared to a round cut diamond or a princess cut diamond, the distinctive style of emerald cut allows you to have a bigger diamond for the same price. Emerald cuts are frequently likened to baguette diamonds, and they have a similar appearance to the naked eye. The diagonal corners differ from the baguette cut’s squared-off edges.


A cushion cut is a brilliant cut that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. That means the table of the diamond is engineered to enhance brilliance and light return. On the other hand, an emerald cut diamond is step-cut. The facets of a diamond are fashioned like a series of steps leading from the center to the edges.

The brilliance and fire of a cushion cut diamond are better than that of an emerald cut diamond. Cushion cut diamonds, in comparison to all other cuts except round, are recognized for their strong fire.

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