Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Both cushion and Asscher-cut diamonds are a great option for people who want a vintage look for their engagement rings. Both have a square shape with cut or rounded corners. If you want a square-shaped diamond like a princess stone but do not prefer its sharp corners, then cushion and Asscher-cut diamonds can create a great choice for you.

Even though both cushion and Asscher diamonds might have a similar appearance, they have a lot of distinct characteristics. The following are some of the important differences between these stones that you have to know:

The Cushion-Cut Diamonds

A cushion-cut diamond can have the appearance of a pillow with its square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. The cushion cut is a modern version of the Old Mine Cut. While the Mine Cut has bigger facets, cushion-cut diamonds have smaller facets that offer them better brilliance.

A lot of modern brides tend to gravitate towards cushion-cut diamonds because of the vintage look they offer. The brilliance of these diamonds allows you to compromise on the clarity grade, as they hide the inclusions well.

The Asscher-Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut was created and patented by a renowned diamond cutter Joseph Asscher in the year 1902. This particular cut was designed to exhibit the clarity of the diamond. It carries 58 facets which are arranged in a step-cut manner. The facets of these stones are arranged parallel to the diamond’s girdle. The Asscher diamonds exhibit more color, flash, and a softer glow.

The following comparison between the cushion and Asscher-cut diamonds can offer you a lot of important details you want to know about these stones.


If you prefer diamonds with great sparkle, then it is better to go for cushion cut engagement rings. The way in which the facets are arranged in this stone allows it to exhibit a better sparkle in comparison with the Asscher-cut diamond.

On the other hand, if you prefer clarity and softness, the Asscher diamond can be the right choice for you.


The Asscher cut might be slightly thinner than the cushion cut. However, the durability of these stones can be greatly dependent on the setting. So choose a setting that can offer better protection for the stone if you want your stones to have great durability.


Cushion cut diamond engagement rings can be more affordable than those that come with Asscher-cut diamonds. The availability and demand for cushion-cut diamonds can also be greater than the latter.

In general, the Asscher-cut can be a great choice for you, if you want a softer look and classical vibe. But if you prefer a shinier and vintage look, then cushion-cut diamonds can be a perfect choice.

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