Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

A lot of brides now go for vintage engagement rings because of the delicate look and old-world charm they can offer. Vintage engagement rings are known for their old gemstone cuts and intricate designs. You can also get vintage-style engagement rings that are new but come with vintage ring designs. There are some specific diamond shapes used in such rings to create a vintage or antique look. Some of the best diamond shapes for you to consider if you want a vintage engagement ring are mentioned below:

Cushion Cut

This is one of the foremost choices among people who want an antique look to their engagement rings. Cushion cut engagement rings are known for their special vintage appeal. This particular diamond cut is the modern version of the “old mine cut” that was extremely popular during the ancient days.

Cushion-cut diamonds are known for their soft and elegant look which resembles the shape of a pillow. Their rounded corners can enhance the protection of these stones by preventing chipping. Additionally, the square shape of a cushion-cut diamond can offer it a modern and antique look at the same time.

Cushion diamonds have great brilliance and fire. However, they are less brilliant than round diamonds. If you want to make your cushion-cut diamonds shinier, it is important to choose a ring setting that can provide extra sparkle. One of the best options among them is cushion cut halo engagement rings that surround your cushion diamond with small accent stones thereby accentuating its sparkle. Pave and channel settings can also be suitable for people who want to enhance the shine of their cushion-cut engagement rings.


The oval is another diamond shape that can offer a classic and antique look to your ring. Being an elongated version of the popular round diamonds, oval diamonds can create a stunning sparkle. The elongated look of this diamond can make your finger look thinner and longer.

Also, oval diamonds are slightly bigger than round and cushion diamonds of the same carat weight. Hence, they can be suitable for you if you want a bigger engagement ring for more affordable rates.


The most classic option among engagement rings is round diamonds. This popular diamond shape can also be used to create a vintage look for your ring. The spectacular brilliance of round diamonds can brilliantly complement the delicate designs of vintage engagement rings.

Hence, if you want your engagement ring to have a vintage appeal, these diamond shapes can be a wonderful choice for you.

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