Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The cut of a diamond is extremely important while choosing your diamond engagement ring. In fact, the cut can be defined as the cornerstone of a strong relationship that entails love, commitment, and faith. Currently, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are one of the most popular options that most brides are swooning over these days. The elegant cut is a spectacular reminiscent of the bygone eras. Hence, the brides who admire vintage designs tend to consider cushion cut engagement rings. Another, popular diamond ring design that is trending in the field is the emerald cut diamond rings. After all, the unique cut and appeal of emerald cut diamond rings are hard to resist. However, because of some similarities between these two diamond cuts, some people tend to get confused while choosing an option. In order to help you out with this, below is a helpful guide to the similarities and differences between these two superior diamond cuts.

The cushion diamond cut

The cushion diamond cut is characterized by its square silhouette and tapered corners that resemble a sparkling pillow. Hence, this diamond cut is also known as the pillow diamond cut. This is an ancient diamond cut and was designed to sparkle the best in the candlelight. Note that in the olden days, men used to propose to their better half in a romantic candlelight setting. The larger facets and tapered corners of cushion cut diamonds contribute to this candlelight effect. Plus, these diamonds tend to look bigger than its actual carat weight because of its unique cut making it a desirable option amongst the brides. However, this romantic cut diamond will not sparkle as good as other brilliant diamond cuts under natural lighting.

The emerald diamond cut

Emerald diamond cut rings are popular for its unique sparkle and appeal. Note that emerald cut diamonds boast rectangular shape and feature slightly angled corners. Unlike other diamond cuts, emerald cut features deep cut facets and flat table exhibiting a mirror-like reflection rather than a scintillating sparkle.  This cut was invented to design emerald gemstones since it tends to enhance the green color of emerald stones well. However, it offered such a classy appeal to emerald stones that the diamond cutters tried it on diamonds as well. Furthermore, just like cushion cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds also look bigger than its actual carat weight. Plus, the rectangular profile of these diamonds tends to make the finger of the wearer slimmer and elongated.

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