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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
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A cushion cut diamond is square or rectangle shaped and each one has curved angles. The price of a cushion shaped diamond is usually less than that of a round brilliant cut counterpart, but owing to its growing popularity, the former’s prices may differ and rise significantly.

After round cut and princess cut diamonds, the shape often talked about in the engagement ring market is “cushion”. There are two main reasons as to why it is so: firstly, a cushion cut diamond is more popular now than it was in the past, and secondly, it also manages to look understated yet elegant while bringing a brilliance level that is nearly equal to a round cut counterpart.

Standard versus Modified Cushion Cuts

Cushion diamond cuts can be categorized into two main classifications: modified and standard. Differences between them are somewhat minute as well as technical in nature. Likewise, their effect on the appearance of a diamond is reasonably minimal.

The only thing that actually differentiates the two is history. Standard cushions are stone cutting styles that have been around for a long time, while modified cushions are modern variations on the actual cushion cut stone’s facet patterns.

The biggest mistake buyers make concerning cushion cut diamonds is that they forget how it really makes a significant distinction to the appearance of a stone whether it is a standard or a modified cushion.

Some would tell that one has to purchase a standard cushion cut if what they need is a chunky cushion shaped stone, and a modified cushion cut for one with crushed ice pattern. However, this is entirely inaccurate. The truth is that it seldom makes any kind of visible difference in the appearance of a stone whether it is modified or standard cushion cut.

Chunky versus Crushed Ice Cushion Shapes

It is worth noting that there is no correlation between these two groups of cut configurations as well as types of exhibited looks. Chunky cushions are those with clearly defined facet patterns when looking down to the table portion of a diamond, oriented face-up. These cushions tend to look like the way in which a round diamond presents itself. They are often called antique cushions cuts or shapes.

Technically, this is not true as a cushion “brilliant” cut is comparatively modern. The Old Mine cut is a precursor to modern cushion cut. Even though, it is clear this look is described as “antique” since it is how an Old Mine cut always presents itself.

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