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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Interesting Diamond Facts

The cushion cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts in existence. The cut has actually been around the 1700’s, even though that version of the cut is called the old mine cut. There is the rounded pillow cut which is rectangular with rounded corners and sides. This diamond has a high crown, flat facet, and a small table. This shape of the cushion cut diamonds became very popular during the periods from 1920 to 1930’s. Below are some of the pros of cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

They are Gaining Popularity

The cushion cut is gaining very much popularity these days, even though it was not as popular as the other types of diamond cuts earlier. If you are in search of a diamond that is trending and is capable of standing the test of time, then cushion cut can be your best choice. As the cut is gaining popularity right now, it will also gain popularity in the future.

They Lack Sharp Edges

The edges of a cushion cut diamond will never bang against objects, snag on to clothing, or get caught in your hair. However, the prongs can be damaged over time, loosening the setting of the diamond. Many have lost their diamonds as the sharp edge of the diamond bangs against something hard and the prongs loosen, allowing the diamond to fall.

They are Great for Colored Diamonds

Cushion cut offer large facets to the diamond, and therefore, is a great choice for colored diamonds. The large and deep facets show off the colors very well. If you go for a colored diamonds, you can have a massive stone with a very deep color to it and that too without spending much money when compared to the other cuts.

They Disperse Light Perfectly

As cushion cut diamonds feature large facets, they are capable of effectively dispersing light. This capability of the diamond creates a soft and elegant rainbow of colors. This can be perfect for a person who does not like flashy brilliance. The effect is subtle and can be good for every girl who does not want a big diamond flashing on her finger all day.

They Have a Vintage Appeal

In the fashion industry, there is a big resurgence of vintage fashion items. More and more celebrities are now going for the cushion cut diamonds because of this factor. Once any celebrity is seen wearing a certain piece of jewelry, their followers adopt the trend. Whether on the red carpet or in everyday lives, many celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, and Kelly Clarkson, have been spotted wearing cushion cut diamonds.

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