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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Diamond Shape Tips

Diamonds are valued based on their brilliance, and because of the heightened levels of this, are among the costliest commodities available on the market. However, a diamond’s price can range widely depending on its shape. There are several reasons as to why this is the case, and invariably, you will find some shapes are much more affordable than others. Below is a discussion on the different diamond shapes, and in what range you should expect to have to pay for each.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds are not necessarily costly. Usually, they are even less expensive than colorless diamonds. “Fancy diamond shape” is a term used to describe major shapes other than the widely popular round brilliant, including those seen on oval, pear, marquise, princess, radiant, heart, emerald, Asscher, and cushion cut engagement rings. If you chose to buy one of these stones, you would end up saving approximately 25% of the price of a round brilliant diamond.

Marquise and Oval

These shapes are usually cheaper than round brilliant diamonds but are the closest to the latter in terms of cost. They are unique choices for engagement rings, and bring the illusion of elongating your finger. Each stone costs around $1,000 less than a round brilliant one of the same weight.


Pear-shaped diamonds occupy fourth place in terms of cost, and are hence cheaper than round brilliant diamonds by a broad margin. Their shape is very attractive because when viewed laterally, it resembles a teardrop. You can choose this shape if you want to impart unique character to your diamond-studded ring. These stones are available for about $1,500 less than round brilliant cut diamonds.


Heart-shaped diamonds are very similar to pear-shaped ones. The prices of the two are almost completely at the same levels. The unique shape of the pear cut makes it a popular choice among women who want to express a romantic statement through an engagement ring. These diamonds cost $2,000 cheaper than round brilliants.


The radiant shape employs mixed facets arrangements and is similar to the princess cut. There are about 70 facets on each stone. This is very attractive, and yet also among the most affordable diamond shapes. A radiant cut stone is about $2,000 cheaper than a round brilliant one of the same weight.


This is the second most popular diamond shape of all, but also very affordable due to the fact that wastage of rough is kept very low. They retain 80% of the rough diamonds which are used for their making, in comparison to the 50% retained by round brilliant diamonds.

There are several affordable diamond shapes available these days, such as cushion cut diamond engagement rings, for example. Make sure you choose yours based on value and personal taste.

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