Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Diamond Features

The cushion cut engagement rings have taken the diamond industry by storm and the reason is very obvious. The features of the ring are such that anyone will fall for it. Here are some of the features of the cushion cut diamond engagement rings which make it appealing to the public.

Versatile Cut

The cushion cut is very versatile in nature which makes it possible to be used with all kinds of settings. It suits the solitaire setting and also the other multi stoned settings. The benefit of the cushion cut diamond engagement ring is that all girls will like it because it suits girls of all different sizes and personalities. It looks good with any color of metal and hence is widely used.

Subtle Cut

The subtle nature of the cushion cut diamond engagement ring adds to the versatility of the cut. Though the cut is subtle, it does not fail to impress people. It helps the person who wears it to stand out in a crowd. The stone is cut in such a way that the facets are very large and that makes it the centre of attraction. The stone also have rounded off corners. These two things together make the cushion cut a beautiful one.

Shining Cut

The large facets of the diamond allow more entry of light into the stone and hence it shines very brightly. This is true with the good quality diamonds. If the diamond has very less clarity, the shining effect will be less. Therefore you must be sure of the high diamond clarity before you buy the diamond. You can refer to the clarity certificate of the diamond to confirm this.

Elegant Cut

The subtlety and the elegance of the cushion cut diamond are so much related. The stones though they come in different sizes, can be elegant depending on the ability they have to appear quite large. It is the undisturbed balance between the size, shine and timeless nature of the style which makes the cut elegant.

Classic Look of the Cut

The modern designs can be used to give a classic look to the diamond. This makes it more lovable and is a good option for the vintage lovers. These timeless designs will never be out of style which is the most important benefit of the cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

These appealing features of the cushion cut diamond engagement rings, make them very popular in the diamond ring market. Though the wedding jewelry trends are changing with time, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are expected to stay appealing always.

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