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Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
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Cushion cut diamonds look most beautiful when they are edged in a square shape. As these diamonds are symmetrical, they are best to experiment with many kinds of stones. Ardent fans of Asscher cuts or even princess cut diamonds can opt for cushion cut engagement rings. They are now deemed as the hottest sellers in the market. The following are some of the best cushion cut rings which are square molded.

Twisted Eternity Pave

The twisted patterns are always preferred by ladies who would love to go with a very feminine way while thinking of jewelry. They never back off from remaining in trend. With the eternity pave cushion cut rings, they turn out to be elegant in every aspect.

U-Prong Halo

The U-Prong setting with a halo frontier is inevitably stunning as they show up the diamond very artistically away from the metal. The setting never hinders the sparkling of the square cushion cut diamond. Opting for a princess-like setting would supplement the fashionable ladies very well.

Dramatic Split Shank

This is a variation of pave split shank, different in the fact that the dramatic counterpart shows off a bit more skin of the one who is donning it. This makes the dramatic split shank to be having a different divide, in which the central square cushion-cut diamond will not be staying in a strangled boundary of some other stones.

Simple Pave

These are the designs that offer a clear picture of the square cushion cut diamonds, as there is no halo obstructing the stone, to let it shine spectacularly. The setting creates a space to show more of the metal they are made of. Simple Pave setting will at times make the ring look thicker.

Flat Shoulder Shank

Known to be one of the most popular among square cushion cut diamond rings for engagement, the flat shoulder shank rings sparks stunningly from the sides, without being distracted by the center diamond. The level of sparkling is comparatively very high in this setting, so these are preferred by many.

Royal Halo

The name itself speaks a lot of its characteristics; the square-shaped cushion cut diamond placed at the center makes them feel elegant, and looks like being seated on the throne, with the surrounding diamonds backing them very gracefully. They are to be created with utmost care and great craftsmanship.

Pave Split Shank

The pave split shank setting is very unique in sleek design, where the center diamond will be met by shanks that seem to be moving. Here also, the central diamond is surrounded by halo setting quite luxuriously.

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