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Natural moissanite is an incredibly rare stone. The gemstone has a very high rating on the Mohs’ Scale so it is surely suitable for daily wear. It is named after Henri Moissan, the chemist who won a Nobel Prize in 1906. While Henri Moissan initially felt he had found diamonds, he later determined that the crystals were made up of silicon carbide. In fact, he mistakenly felt they were diamonds owing to the similarity in hardness and appearance. Both moissanite and diamond offer stunning brilliance with a nigh colorless as well as a glass-like appearance.

As natural moissanite is rare, most of what one gets to see in the market are lab-created versions of the stone. It is engineered to provide the impression of similarity to a diamond but is visually and compositionally quite different from the latter. The durability, color, and brilliance of both stones are quite distinct as well.

The Mohs’ Scale of Hardness assesses a stone’s resistance to surface scratching, so having a rating of 9.25 means moissanite is very good when it comes to that aspect as well. It will not break or chip; therefore, this is one of the alternative stones to diamonds, which is suitable for those who wear their engagement rings on a daily basis.

If you were looking for a moissanite engagement ring, then consider any of these shapes to get the most out of the gemstone. However, do make sure that the shape and cut matches with your partner’s preference.

Round Brilliant Cut

The classic and most popular shape for engagement rings featuring gemstones is round. This shape is designed to draw as much as fire as possible from a stone, so no wonder, round cut moissanite is also popular. The classic cut will not go out of vogue anytime soon, it is very versatile, and looks great in various kinds of jewelry pieces, including moissanite engagement rings.

Oval Cut

Owing to the elongated shape, an oval stone makes a wonderful option for the extremely trendy east-west set engagement rings. With 70 facets, a stone cut into this shape offers a lot of punch to its brilliance. Oval cut moissanite stones make a smart option for the brides who are seeking the most value for money with respect to carat – they also tend to appear larger than the actual size.

Square Brilliant Cut

A square brilliant cut moissanite is its version of the princess diamond cut. That is because if moissanite stones were cut to the same specifications of the princess cut diamonds, then the former would lose lots of fire. The square brilliant moissanite is also faceted to maximize the unique, unrivaled sparkle.

Emerald Cut

With the revival of Art Deco inspired pieces, emerald cut has come an increase in popularity for its step-cut design. It is a favorite shape among vintage jewelry aficionados. That is because it is cut into the shape of an emerald gemstone. Its striking depth comes from the large table, the flat part upon the stone’s top. Like an oval cut, emerald cut stones also make a beautiful choice for east-west style engagement rings.

Cushion Cut

It is also called “pillow” cut, owing to the stone’s resemblance to the shape. It is similar to the square brilliant shape, but has rounded corners. Cushion cut engagement rings are for brides who love the classic style yet want something slightly more unique than the round shape. Cushion cut moissanite engagement rings are also worth a shot for pretty much the same reasons.

Heart Cut

The heart shape needs no particular explanation – the very form of it screams romance. With the pop star Lady Gaga flaunting a heart shaped engagement ring, many are expected to follow in her footsteps. This will only go on to further increase the popularity of the stone, as it also looks good in the heart shape. The heart cut tends to work best with a bigger stone, as it is quite subtle.

Radiant Cut

Stones that are cut this way burst with beauty and inner brilliance, hence the name “radiant”. The shape is extremely similar to that of emerald, but the amount of fire more closely resembles square or round cut stones. In fact, radiant and emerald cuts look so alike that it can also be difficult to differentiate the two. However, there is a difference in their brilliance, which sets the radiant and emerald cut stones apart.

Marquise Cut

Also called “navette”, this is another shape, which is seeing a bit of resurgence in popularity these days. As with the oval diamond cut, this one’s elongated shape gives the illusion of a bigger size. In addition, marquise cut engagement rings also make the wearer’s finger look thin. You can also take advantage of the added benefit of illusion with marquise shaped moissanite engagement rings.

Pear Cut

The pear shape is elegant, refined, and chic. The cut is particularly trendy in antique-inspired and vintage-inspired jewelry pieces, including those featuring Art Deco styles. In addition to engagement rings, they are also commonly used in pendants and earrings.

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