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By the past few years, new versions of the sheer square cut diamond shape had got more prominence and were created with certain intentions to satisfy a few conditions. These were nothing, but the elongated appearance of the fingers that women get just by adorning these rings. Quite recently, the elongated cushion cut engagement rings are also being preferred by the ladies out there, who love to try on everything trendier.

The following are some of the most attractive elongated cushion cut diamond rings and the details about their unique visual appeal.

Classic Solitaire Elongated Cushion Diamond Ring

Your elongated cushion cut diamonds will be highlighted very beautifully without losing the very essence of the earlier square shaped diamond. The slick shanks of the rings are bent upwards to meet the central diamond in this classic solitaire elongate cushion cut diamond ring.

Elongated Cushion Diamond on Split Shanked Ring

Petite diamonds are bead-set at both side views and on top in this split shank diamond ring. The pattern is continued on the halo in which the diamonds are cradled along with the elongated cushion cut diamond at the center. The shanks from two prominent shanks are creating a panoramic kind of view.

Bezel Set Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Four round brilliant diamond stones are accentuated here at all the four ends of the central pattern of this bezel set ring, creating an unusual look to the ring. Moreover, the precious elongated cushion cut diamond is secured by the bezel setting made of platinum metal.

Channel Set Elongated Ring

The channel set elongated cushion cut diamond ring resembles a tension ring with a minimum coverage of the yellow gold in the shanks. The central diamond is getting the maximum visibility in the ring, as they are very minimally covered, by almost a perched hanging.

Vegas Getaway Cushion Cut Ring

The differently named cushion cut diamonds ring was called so as it showed a great play of light by the reflections from every direction. Diamonds are encrusted in the band along with the elongated cushion stone, giving a total edgy visual appeal. The shanks of the ring are set in pave diamonds.

Rocky Elongated Cushion Cut Ring

The elongated cushion cut diamonds are protected very securely from all the sides of the stone set in the slick bezel outline. The diamond ring with simple though classy band cannot be ignored by any diamond buyers that easily.

Elongated Cushion Cut Ring with Halo

The diamond ring with a halo brings about a substantial status symbol instantly, especially when the central diamond is of elongated cushion cut. The luxurious character of the majestic ring is further highlighted by the bead set diamonds.

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