Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Cushion cut diamond engagement rings
Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

Cushion cut diamonds will be the personal favorites of most diamond buyers out there. After all, the inimitable sparkle and soft appeal of cushion stones are something that hardly any person can resist. Note that cushion cut diamonds are mainly characterized by their square silhouette and rounded off corners. In a way, cushion stones can be defined as an aesthetic blend of round and princess cut diamonds that exhibit nothing but oozing elegance. Unsurprisingly, most couples tend to choose cushion cut diamond engagement rings in order to make their special day even more special.

Nevertheless, one of the most prominent issues that diamond ring buyers may face will be regarding the ideal settings for their cushion cut diamonds. It will be worth noting that a diamond cut setting can either make or ruin the overall appeal of your cushion cut engagement rings. Hence, you must be really watchful while choosing the diamond ring setting for your sparklers. In case you are wondering about the right diamond setting for your cushion cut diamond engagement rings, below are some of the impressive options that you may consider.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Setting

This is one of the most popular diamond ring settings and also is a safe way to go if you are not sure about the appropriate setting for your cushion cut diamond engagement rings. Note that the solitaire diamond ring setting is perfect to highlight the sparkle as well as the beauty of any diamond cuts; let alone the case of cushion cut diamonds. In this setting, the center stone will be held securely on the ring by means of four or six prongs. Plus, solitaire rings do not usually entail any accent stones. However, this is totally up to personal preference as well as the budget of the wearer.

Pave Diamond Ring Setting

Another incredible setting for cushion cut diamond engagement rings is the pave diamond setting. In this setting, tiny diamonds are aesthetically paved or set into the tiny grooves on the metal surface. In addition, there will be mini prong settings in order to ensure the safety of diamonds. Usually, the pave setting is given on the diamond ring bands in order to enhance the overall sparkle of your cushion cut diamond engagement rings. Hence, pave set cushion cut engagement rings will be a great option for all the couples who give priority to the sparkle of their rings.

Halo Diamond Ring Setting

The halo setting is actually the most popular option for cushion diamonds since it will instantly boost up the size as well as the sparkle of your diamond engagement rings. In this setting, a medium-sized cushion cut stone will be surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds. Usually, a prong setting will be employed to secure the gemstones here. However, you can go for a bezel setting as well in order to give a sophisticated or vintage appeal to your cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

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