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A diamond engagement ring would definitely play a significant role in the life of almost any couple. After all, it represents their beautiful and precious relationship. The choice of ring needs to be perfect though. Since there are numerous options for engagement rings out there, you could understandably get overwhelmed when it came to picking one out. Currently, cushion cut solitaire diamond engagement rings are ruling the arena. Their absolute brilliance and unique charm is the main reason for this.

Cushion cut diamonds flaunt a square silhouette along with rounded-off corners, creating an illusion of sparkling cushions, and hence the name. As a result of this unique profile, cushion cut diamonds would look bigger than their round cut counterparts. This factor too has contributed to its immense popularity.

Every person looks for an option that brings them the best diamond for their money. Fortunately, you can achieve this objective by strategically choosing the diamond ring setting, as well as the metal settings for the cushion-cut. Given below are some of those ideal options which you may consider in order to make your cushion cut diamond rings look way bigger than actual.

The LTW of Diamonds

The LTW (Length to Width Ratio) of a diamond plays an important role in its visual appeal. You can make a diamond look more elongated or wider by altering its LTW. As far as a cushion cut diamond is concerned, the LTW of a standard diamond is regarded as 1. Note that cushion cut diamonds with an LTW of 1.5 or more would look elongated, while those with LTW of 0.95 or lower would look wider. You may choose the former option in order to make your gemstone look bigger. However, this would work only in the case of bigger diamonds that come with a carat weight of 3 or more.

Diamond Ring Settings

Diamond ring settings are really significant when it comes to the appeal of your diamond engagement rings. Needless to say, there are numerous setting options with which you can make your cushion cut solitaire diamond engagement rings look bigger. One of the most popular ones is the halo setting. In this type of diamond ring setting, the cushion cut diamond of your ring would be encircled by a halo of tiny diamond accents. This would instantly lift up the overall size as well as sparkle of your engagement ring.

In case you prefer an markedly big and brilliant engagement ring, you can choose to pave double or triple layers of diamonds around the center diamond. This would offer a sophisticated, vintage appeal to the diamond. Sparklers of this sort would be ideal for all brides leading a luxurious lifestyle.

Choosing cushion cut three stone engagement rings is another way to get the best value for your buck. In most cases, the cushion cut center diamond would be flanked by a diamond accent of similar size and shape on each side. This would create the illusion of a huge solitaire when viewed from a distance. Note that the three stones set in this way represent the ethical characteristics such as love, friendship, and fidelity. Hence, cushion cut three stone engagement rings are perfect for people who assign priority to the symbolism as well as size of their sparklers. Both these diamond ring settings would be way more affordable when compared to the solitaire diamond ring settings.

Diamond Metal Settings

Setting your center stone against a delicate and slim metal band is another way to instantly lift up its size. It is even better if you can choose a pinched shank design in which the metal band tends to taper as it approaches the main gemstone. This type of metal band accentuates your cushion diamonds to the fullest. Still, make sure that the band is strong enough to hold your cushion cut center diamond securely.

Furthermore, using chunky prongs may overshadow the beauty of your main gemstone. On the other hand, using slim prongs for your cushion cut solitaire diamond engagement rings can accomplish wonders towards making your sparkler look bigger and captivating. It is to be noted that slim prongs would cover lesser surface area on your diamond, making it notably bigger in appearance. Similarly, using a lower number of prongs as well would make the diamonds look bigger than their actual carat weight. In other words, the aim here is to display the maximum surface area of a diamond in order to highlight it to the fullest and thereby, make it look bigger.

The color of the meal band can also enhance the size of the diamond. Choosing white metal bands for your cushion cut solitaire diamond engagement rings would add more bling to it. This will, in turn, make the center diamond look bigger. The best options you can pick in this case are 18k white gold and platinum.

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