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Are you planning to make a secret marriage proposal to someone? If you want to pull off the moment without a hitch, then remember this important detail: choosing an engagement that fits like a glove.

Getting that yes from your lover will be the feeling of your life, but to not be able to slip a diamond ring over the knuckle, or worse, having to squeeze it on and her ring finger swell up, sort of dampens all the excitement. If you want her being able to display her new bling right away, take your time and do not mess up this part. Here are some ways to measure your lover’s engagement ring size without having to spoil the surprise.

Method One: Find an Accomplice

The most obvious and easiest method is this one, provided that her friends and family can keep the secret. Does she have a family member or a girl pal who you can fully trust not to tell it to others? If yes, then let him or her in on the secret. An ideal scenario is if your girl has a recently engaged friend and if she wishes to see her engagement ring, the latter can let the former try it on. Depending on how the piece fits on your girlfriend’s finger, you can go one size down or up. If it does not fit on her finger, you can attempt a double bluff – have her male friend to pretend he is planning to buy a ring and requires your girl’s help for jewelry sizing. That friend can then report to you on this.

Method Two: Be a Burglar

This is not to say that you should break into a jewelry store. However, to keep your proposal a surprise, snooping around her jewelry box is totally fine. She will probably forgive you for what you did. When you are sure she is not going to walk into the room and catch you in the act, take a diamond ring from her coffer. If you have an engagement ring sizer, then measure its size. If you do not have it, and if she does not look in her jewelry box too often, then you could possibly take it to a jeweler and put it back in its place as soon as possible. However, it is recommended that you lay her ring on paper and trace its inside circumference so that your jeweler can size it from your tracing.

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