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Every element in a diamond engagement ring is important. However, most people tend to overlook the finger size of their partner. Needless to mention, it will be extremely embarrassing and heartbreaking if the ring got stuck at the knuckle of her finger. The same thing is applicable to a loose ring as well. So, pay attention to this factor before choosing elegant cushion cut diamond engagement rings or any other options.

Besides, all other elements such as setting, design, diamonds, etc., can be changed or upgraded easily. However, resizing a diamond ring is challenging since a single wrong step can ruin the appeal of your beautiful cushion cut engagement rings, indeed, any diamond rings. Unlike most people think, there is no option called a perfect fit, especially for rings. You will have to soak this up first.

Note that the size of your fingers tend to change frequently based on different factors like weather, your profession, the food you eat, etc. In fact, the size of your finger will be different by the next day or afternoon. So, when you choose a ring, make sure that it stays comfortable on her finger most of the time. Never fall for a perfect option since it will not last for a long time.

Thankfully, there are many ways to choose a diamond engagement ring that fits the finger of your better half comfortably. The easiest way is to steal a ring that she wears daily and take it to a jeweler to get exact measurements. On a related note, if she is wearing a ring almost every day, it means that the size is perfect irrespective of the variations in her finger size. So, there will be no chance of mistakes here.

Otherwise, you can seek help from her close friend and ask her to take your partner to a jewelry store making some excuses. At jewelry stores, diamond ring designers use many tools and methods to get the finger size that is most comfortable for your lady love. However, it is recommended to skip the jewelry stores that use cheap plastics sizers for this.

Furthermore, it is always better to take a second opinion in this case since you cannot take a chance. Mind that the diamond engagement ring is the symbol of your love. Plus, your significant other is likely to wear this sparkler for the rest of her life. So, it is valuable both financially and emotionally. Furthermore, try to figure out your partner’s finger size in the mid to late afternoon since the fingers of people are likely to be the largest at this time.

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