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The cut quality of a diamond is the most important factor since it directly affects the appeal of your stone. Note that the cut or facet arrangement of diamond decides the amount of light a stone passes through it. In simple words, the better the cut quality of a stone, the better will be its light performance and brilliance. Poor cut diamond will look so lifeless and dull on your fingers and obviously, this will be the last thing you will need.

Speaking of diamond cuts, there are numerous options available today, such as round brilliant cut, princess cut, Asscher cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, etc. Amongst these, one of the most unique and out-of-the-box options is cushion cut diamonds.

Cushion cut is counted amongst the oldest diamond cuts since it is in the field for around 200 years. In fact, this was the most popular cut during the Art Deco and Victorian era. This captivating cut boasts 58 large facets making the stone extremely brilliant. The rounded top and squared off corners adds to its overall beauty.

Buying Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

There are many factors associated with cushion cut diamonds that you must understand before choosing the stone. For one, cushion cut stones are available in square and rectangular shapes. Traditionally, these eye-catching diamonds are square in shape with softened corners creating the illusion of sparkling pillows or cushions – hence the name. However, you can make it rectangular as well by altering its Length-to-Width ratio (LTW). Note that the LTW of square cushion cuts ranges between 1 and 1.5, while it ranges from 1.20 to 1.30 for the rectangular shape.

Note that there are mainly two types of cushion cuts: standard and modified. The former is the traditional cushion cuts whereas the latter is its modern counterparts. The only difference between these two options is in the appeal of the stone. Standard ones that come with a vintage appeal were made to sparkle under candlelight whereas the modified ones will be brilliant even under the daylight. This change is mainly because of its faceting pattern called chunky and crushed ice.

The type of diamond ring setting plays a key role in the visual appeal of cushion cut engagement rings. If you are looking for a setting that offers great light performance and visibility, prong setting will be perfect. A halo diamond ring setting will be ideal if you are looking for something brilliant and sparkly. You may choose a double halo cushion cut engagement ring if you love sophisticated or vintage designs

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