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When it comes to buying a diamond, especially cheaply, there are a lot of things you would have to look into. The first thing among them is to go through the 4 C’s of a diamond, which everyone knows should be researched before buying a stone. It is very important to have a thorough check on these aspects after the preliminary checks, especially on a diamond which is appealing to you but costs comparatively lower. Here are some of the steps in selecting a significantly cheaper diamond online.

Check the 4 C’s of the Diamond

The four qualities based on which diamonds are graded are commonly called 4 C’s of a diamond which is the color, clarity, cut, and carat. These are very significant for choosing a diamond.

About Clarity in Diamonds that Costs Less

These are usually regarded as ‘fingerprints’ of a diamond and the inclusions are not bad. It is important to know that no two diamonds would be identical. The inclusions in a diamond would help you to distinguish between natural and synthetic diamonds. Diamond certificates often give you the clarity grade of the stone. Always make it a point to look for diamonds that are not higher than SI1 or SI2 in grade, as blemishes in stone cannot be noticed when it is on the clarity scale FI to SI2. The inclusions in the diamonds will be visible under 10x magnification (which is a high power magnification) in SI1 or SI2 grade.

About Color in Diamonds that Costs Less

Only diamond experts will be able to compare diamonds to create a color grade with their naked eyes. A diamond that is higher than H or I grade on the color scale would be a very expensive choice. Diamonds that are on I scale cost less. It is very important to make sure that the diamond you choose is untreated. Treatment makes the stone to undergo irradiation, heat treatment, etc. all of which are meant to enhance the color of the stone.

About Cut in Diamonds that Costs Less

The cut of a diamond often affects the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond which is exactly the reason that makes some stones desired by many. The cut of a diamond can increase its value by fifty percent or more. A diamond is basically divided into two major parts – the crown and the pavilion. The top part is called the crown and the bottom part is called the pavilion. The crown should be almost about one-third of the total length of the stone whereas the pavilion should be almost two-thirds of its total length (from top to bottom), assuming a well-proportioned stone. The proportions will be laid out on the certificate.

About Shape of Diamonds that Costs Less

The shape of the diamond does not refer to the cut of the stone, but to the contour of the diamond. Cut usually defines how well the shape of the stone has been executed. It is always a good option to consider shapes other than round if the size is a considerable matter to you. Though brilliant cut diamonds that are round in shape have good brilliance, they look much smaller than diamonds having other shapes. It would always be good to experiment with various styles of settings and designs if you wish to have a larger appearance for your stone. Settings such as the Tiffany and Tulip often elevate the diamond, giving it a much grand look.

About Carat of Diamonds that Costs Less

Buying a diamond which is much below the one-carat mark helps you to save oodles of money. Buying three less than 1-carat diamonds that are placed on a ring instead of a single carat stone is also a great way of saving money. Even though this is not a very popular option, it is important to know that many smaller stones on a ring cost much less than a large stone of the same weight.

Buying Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale diamonds are often found to be bought at low prices; these are always bought in large quantities. Most wholesale dealers sell the diamonds they bought this way to buyers at near-wholesale prices, which often cuts out the retail price. This can make your purchase less costly and increase the value for your money.

Always make sure to check the fine print that comes with a diamond, and look for quality statements as well as return policies while buying. Also, make sure to approach marketplaces that offer GIS certification for diamonds. It is also best to approach diamond experts or jewelers who offer you the service of custom setting. Note that silver, yellow gold, platinum, and white gold are the most popular choices of metals.

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