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The cut of a diamond is the main factor that makes it a fascinating rarity in the world. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of diamond ring cuts to choose from. However, this wide range of selection can make the task a bit intimidating as well. One of the best diamond ring cuts that most people swear by is the cushion diamond cut. In fact, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are extremely popular among couples.

Why Consider Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

A cushion cut diamond can be defined as an epitome of elegance and cushion cut engagement rings will be a great choice to consider for your special day. The main highlights of a cushion cut diamond are its square silhouette and softened corners that give it an appeal of a sparkling pillow. Hence, the diamond cut is also referred to as the pillow diamond cut. While a solitaire cushion cut ring exhibit a classic charm, an elegantly set cushion ring is perfect to display outstanding panache and uniqueness.

Furthermore, cushion cut stones tend to hide the flaws and hence, you can be a bit liberal when it comes to the clarity grade of these stones. Needless to mention, this will affect the overall expense of the diamond. The cushion cut is an extremely brilliant choice among fancy cut diamonds as well. Besides, there are different varieties of cushion cut diamonds. The details about three of those popular cushion cut variants are given below.

Old Mine Antique Cushion Cut

As the name indicates, this is an antique diamond cut and is regarded as the precursors of the present day cushion diamond cut. This diamond cut that was also known as the miner cut was the first cushion diamond cut that was used during the Edwardian and Victorian eras. If you love to flaunt something extremely elegant, classy, timeless, and unique, this is your way to go.

Cushion Modified Cut

This is the modern cushion diamond cut and features a different faceting pattern. Note that the number of facets featured in this type of diamonds tends to give it a crushed ice appeal. The facet arrangement in this cut at the girdle resembles a gleaming flower. Plus, its well-cut radiant shape makes this ultimate diamond cut one of the popular choices when it comes to cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

Cushion Brilliants

Another cushion diamond cut variant is the cushion brilliants and this choice is extremely rare. As a result of its rarity, it is regarded as a premium option when compared to cushion modified cut. On a related note, cushion brilliants boast fewer but larger facets making the stone sparkle like anything. Unlike other cushion cuts, the brilliant variants are a bit elongated with an LTW that ranges from 1.10 to 1.25.

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