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The most exciting as well as most agonizing aspect of any engagement planning is deciding between the different engagement ring cuts. It is meant to be the longest style commitment that you will ever make in your life. Fortunately, diamonds will never go out of fashion and they have been the first choice for many couples. There are many different varieties of diamond cuts for you to choose from though, and this can make the selection process confusing and difficult.

Referring to the selection process, Olivia Landau, who is a GIA-graduated gemologist and an expert in diamonds, says that, “The experience has to be transparent and enjoyable. A diamond is very personal and very pricey. It is important to ensure that you will fall in love with the stone when your significant other makes the big purchase.”

She further opined that, “Trying different styles is a great way to get a sense of what you like on your hand—there are no wrong choices in choosing a diamond cut, but knowing your personal style and what you will feel most comfortable wearing can help your soon-to-be fiancé make the right decision.”

Below are some of the most popular engagement ring cuts today. Choose one that suits the personality and styling of your woman in the best way.

Round Cut

Round cut has always been the most popular diamond cuts in the gems and jewelry market, with a round brilliant cut diamond boasting 58 facets. “This cut is for someone who is drawn to a classic and timeless style,” Landau says. “A round brilliant is perfect for someone who wants a traditional look that will last through the ages; the brilliant faceting is also great for women looking for maximum sparkle.”

Princess Cut

This diamond will be square on the top and will have four beveled sides, coming into a point that goes beneath the surface of the engagement ring. The shape of the diamond can be compared to an upside down pyramid. If you are looking to have great sparkle in a modern design, then this is the cut for you. Another advantage is that the clean lines will offer a contemporary look to the ring.

Emerald Cut

This cut is best suited for women with a discerning taste. In Landau’s words, “Emerald cuts exude elegance and refinement. The elongated shape and step-cut faceting is great for someone on the more understated side.” So emerald cut diamonds are perfect for the ones who are looking to have an engagement ring with a classic styling.

Oval Cut

Oval cut has become one of the most popular among all the diamond shapes today, and is worn by many celebrities too. Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, Serena Williams, Christina Aguilera, and many more have been spotted flaunting oval diamond rings. Landau says, “This cut is great for those who love to stay ahead of the trends, but also love a classic, elegant aesthetic.”

Cushion Cut

This cut is both trendy and feminine. The diamond’s curved corners and brilliant facets in cushion cut engagement rings are perfect for all women who are in search of “a soft look with a lot of sparkle”. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings got its name because the stone resembles a pillow.

Pear Cut

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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In this cut, the diamond will be shaped like a teardrop. The pear cut diamond can offer the finger of the wearer an elongated look. This is one of the least commonly preferred engagement ring cuts. Landau says, “Women who move to the beat of their own drum and don’t want a ring like everyone else gravitate toward a pear.”

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is similar to an emerald cut, but resembles the shape of an octagon. The radiant cut however has seventy light reflecting facets inside it and makes it a real dazzler. “Women who like radiant cuts tend to be bubbly and outgoing,” Landau says. “The brilliant faceting and rectangular shape is great for those who love a lot of sparkle and flash.”

Marquise Cut

Diamond experts say that the marquise cut is the ultimate cut in elegance. The oval shape of the diamond meets in the pointed ends and very much resemble the hull of a ship. This is why the cut is also called the navette cut (which means “little boat” in French). This cut is unique and can be ideal for someone looking to make an illusion of elongated fingers.

Asscher Cut

Experts say that, “Asscher cuts have an old world sophistication. Women who love antiques and unique designs tend to gravitate more toward Asscher cuts for their retro look.” These diamonds have step cut facets and not brilliant cut facets. These facets make the diamond elegant and understated.

Heart Ring Cut

This is perhaps the sweetest among all diamond cuts and it is always a bold choice to have a heart shaped engaging ring. The heart ring cut is not an engagement ring cut that you see much often, so this is perfect for people who love to stand out in the crowd.

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