Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Important Diamond Facts

Cushion cut diamonds and round cut diamonds are two popular shapes of diamonds which are commonly seen in diamond jewelries. The cushion cut engagement rings are one of the most popular categories among engagement rings. Round cut is also one among the most admired shapes in engagement rings.

Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are very popular as they have no time boundaries. The round cut is a classic cut; it was popular from the old times itself and still continues to remain in the lime light. These diamonds are very expensive because of the way they are cut and also because of their high demand. Much of the rough stone from which a round diamond is cut will go to waste because of its specific shape hence the value of a round diamond will be higher than any other shapes.

The round cut diamond reflects light more efficiently so they have the most sparkle. There will be 57-58 facets (flat surfaces on a diamond which causes the refraction of light) for a round cut diamond which will enhance the sparkle. Even if there are any inclusions in the diamond, the sparkle of a round cut diamond will hide them to a great limit.

Another advantage of round cut diamond is that it will look larger in size than any other shapes. The way in which a round diamond is cut is shallower than other cuts. This property will give the round diamonds a bigger look than they actually are. The sparkle also helps in giving the round cut diamonds a bigger look. All these reasons made round cut diamonds very popular and costly.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut diamonds have a square shape but the corners will be rounded. Those who love square shape can opt for rectangle cushion cut engagement rings. The shape of these diamonds looks similar to a pillow and hence they are named as cushion cut diamonds. Like the round diamonds these diamonds also have 58 facets.

This cut is also a classic cut which became popular before 200 years itself and still remain as a one of the most sought out shape in diamonds. This shape is considered to be fancy shape among diamond cuts. Any cut other than round cut are considered to be fancy shapes. This diamond looks like a blend between a round diamond and a princess diamond. The princess diamonds have sharp edges whereas the cushion cut diamonds have rounded edges. So the cushion cut diamonds are less prone to chipping than princess cut diamonds.

Cushion diamonds can vary in length to width ratios. Some cushion diamonds will have an elongated shape which will give them a rectangular look. The design of the engagement rings will vary according to the shape of the cushion cut diamonds.

The cushion cut diamonds are valued for their antique roots. This cut was popular in the ancient eras, especially in the Victorian and Georgian era. If you are a fan of vintage style rings then this is the best option for you.

The advantage a cushion cut diamond have over a round cut diamond is that, it is less expensive. The price of a cushion diamond will be 25%-50% lower than round diamonds. So if you are looking for an engagement ring on a low budget then cushion cut engagement rings will definitely suit you.

Round diamonds is famous for its brilliance (the ability of a diamond to reflect and refract light) where as cushion diamonds are popular for its fire. Fire refers to the colorful sparkle that a diamond produces when it is exposed to light. Both diamonds have their own unique characteristics.

Some popular ring designs for both diamonds

Classic Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring : This design suits both round cut diamond as well as cushion cut diamond. This is a simple design which is featured with a single diamond in the center.

Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring: In this design there will be a central diamond which is accentuated by tapering trails of small diamonds on a thick band. The small diamonds which complements the large diamond will give this ring an elegant look.

Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring: The central diamond will be surrounded by petite accent diamonds in this design. The accent diamonds will give more emphasis for the central diamond and make it more noticeable.

Split Shank Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring: This design offers more complexity to the ring with its split shape. The band will be split and adorned with small diamonds which will connect with the central diamond. The design adds more shine to the central diamond and gives it a special look.

Whether you choose a round diamond or cushion diamond depends on your priorities and preferences. Both these shapes are really beautiful and will make you look stunning. Choose the diamond which you like better and which is affordable for you.

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