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As the world is now going through a severe threat made by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), people are adopting different preventive measures that can help them to get protection from it. The main precautionary techniques involve cleaning your hands frequently using soap, hand rub or sanitizer, using face masks, social distancing, etc. All these measures are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for effectively controlling the spreading of coronavirus.

COVID-19 mainly spreads through the respiratory droplets produced by aninfected person. If you inhale these droplets, the virus can easily enter your body. Also, if you touch a surface that contains the coronavirus, it can reach your hands. Hence, touching your eyes, mouth, or nose without cleaning your hands can also result in the coronavirus entering your body.

Can Coronavirus Face Masks Help You To Prevent COVID-19?

A coronavirus face mask can help you to prevent the virus from entering your body through your mouth and nose. Also, it is important for an infected person to wear a coronavirus face mask when he sneezes or coughs. This will help him to prevent the contamination of his surroundings, therefore, it can be useful for preventing the spreading of this deadly disease.

Can You Make A Face Mask Yourself?

As a large number of people across the whole world began to use face masks, the world is now facing a shortage of masks. The demand for face masks has greatly increased, as there are not enough masks available in the market for meeting this demand. Mask manufacturing companies are producing a large number of face masks for meeting this demand. However, it is not still enough to meet the requirements of the people worldwide.

In this situation, you may choose to make a face mask on your own. You can get the raw materials from the market and if you also have some stitching skills you can create masks to meet your personal needs and also for your loved ones. You can get online tutorials that will guide you through the procedures of making a mask. However, if this is not possible for you, use your handkerchief to cover your mouth and nose when you go out.

New Coronavirus Face Masks

Scientists and researchers are on the quest to develop high tech protective masks that can efficiently protect you from coronaviruses. These masks can effectively cover your eyes, nose, and mouth while avoiding the discomfort that is associated with normal masks. It can prevent the coronavirus from entering your body through your mouth, nose or eyes thereby eliminating the threat of this disease to a great extent.

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