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When compared to an audio call, a video call can transfer far more information by the possibility it offers to take in visual cues. Added features like content sharing which enables others to see it in their environment makes video conference a powerful communication tool.

After you have decided about making use of video conferencing system, the nest big decision that you ought to make is whether you want hard codec or Soft codec in the system.

What Is Codec?

Representing the shorter form of “coder-decoder”, Codec device encodes and decodes a data stream. In the case of video conferencing, codec can be a hardware appliance of special design that serves the purpose of delivering the highest quality video conferencing experience. Sometimes the codec can be based on a general purpose computer.

Hard Codec

Hard codec is an expensive system that requires costly back-end infrastructure servers to ensure its failsafe functioning. Hard codecs have been in use for several years as standards-based endpoints in conference rooms and recently, the technology has been expanded to personal desktop systems too.

Some of the features of hard codec are:

  • Multi-call bridging
  • Network management
  • Directories

The only application of hard Codec in video conferencing is to make stellar video calls and after it is done, you do not have much to with the expensive hardware than putting it to sleep mode to conserve power. If you have plans of building a boardroom environment by equipping it with multiple cameras and microphones, hardware Codec will do a better job than a soft Codec.

Soft Codec

Soft Codec is the affordable alternative to hard codec and the unit that is based on hardware is not specifically designed to serve just one purpose. The recent video conferencing soft codecs are based on small form factor PCs that usually run windows OS . Some can be Linux based too.

There are multiple reasons for the growing popularity of soft codecs  and low cost is one of its top advantages. Its compatibility with video conferencing platform of the user’s choice is another advantage that makes soft codec popular.

As soft codec is mostly based on Windows, it can be used for purposes like internet browsing or making calls using conferencing software.

Whatever is the particular technology used, video conferencing services offer numerous possibilities of business expansion by improving the quality of business communication. They also expand the horizons of education sector by making online classroom ideas practical.

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