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Both Asscher cut diamonds and the Cushion cut diamonds are sparkly and attractive. Both are categorized as step cuts. They are also popular for their different and varied appearance. Below is a comparison of the two types of diamonds by taking into account their most important characteristics.

Asscher Diamond Cut Characteristics

The Asscher cut has a square profile and truncated corners. It is a modified version of the emerald cut which has a rectangular profile. These diamonds are cut by creating facets which have linear shapes. Besides, they are parallel to the girdle which is the widest part of the stone.

Brilliant cuts, on the other hand, are made of facets which are non-linear. These are not parallel with the edge of the stone.

The Cushion Diamond Cut

The cushion cut has a squared or rectangular profile with rounded corners. These make Cushion Cut Engagement Rings appear similar to a pillow. It belongs to the category of brilliant cuts. Besides, it has a number of variations that differ in properties like shape, number, and arrangement of the facets.

Due to these differences, certain cushion cut modifications display a sparkle that has a higher degree of intensity or something that appears different from the remaining cushion diamonds.

Asscher Cut vs. Cushion Cut: the Sparkle

Commonly, cushion-cut diamonds have a better degree of sparkle than Asscher diamonds. This is obvious since the cushion cut was specially created to improve the brilliance of diamonds.

Contrary to the cushion cut, the Asscher cut was not made with increasing sparkle as an objective. Therefore, Asscher-cut diamonds display a shine that makes the diamonds look clean but without the sparkly brilliance offered by the cushion-cut diamonds

Remember that not every cushion cut diamond displays a similar level of brilliance. The chunky variant of cushion-cut diamonds shows a lower degree of sparkle than the cut variant also called “crushed ice.” The latter has its facets arranged to make sure that light falling on them is reflected to make them look sparkly.

Differences in Sparkle Affecting the Clarity of Asscher and Cushion Cuts

The change in the level of brilliance and sparkle among Cushion and Asscher cuts makes them appear different in terms of visibility of imperfections. Usually, cushion cuts on account of their higher brilliance display lesser inclusions than that visible in Asscher cuts of similar clarity grades.

Read the above carefully to understand the characteristics of both Cushion and Asscher cuts before you go ahead and purchase them.

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